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Supported Living Services

Understanding that finding the right care and support can be challenging, especially when you aim to maintain your independence, we at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd have designed our supported living options to focus on what truly matters to you.

Supported living provides a viable alternative to residential care and gives you the power to determine the level of support you need, exactly when you need it. This approach enables you to lead a life that is both enriching and fulfilling, all while staying in control.

Our approach to supported living is centered on achieving positive outcomes and leveraging our expertise to create environments that promote and enhance the independence and functionality of the individuals we support.

You play a key role in shaping the support you receive. Together with our dedicated staff, you will craft a personalized support plan that aligns with your interests, priorities, and skills. Whether you need assistance with personal care, managing finances, or exploring opportunities for education, work, or leisure activities, the choice is yours to make. At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we are here to support your decisions and help you thrive.

Supported Living Options at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd

Low Needs (Independent Living)

At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we offer the option for you to live independently in your own flat, providing you with the freedom to choose how much support you receive. Whether it’s in one of our established properties or a new home sourced through our partnerships with housing providers, we tailor your living situation to meet your specific needs. This option empowers you with autonomy while still having access to support whenever required.

Medium Needs:

For those who prefer a smaller, more community-oriented living arrangement, our medium needs option involves shared accommodation in units with 2-4 beds. Support is available for 4-12 hours per day according to your needs, with no overnight staff present. Structured to prepare you for independent living, this setting also includes access to an on-call manager to provide support during times when staff are not on-site.

High Needs:

Our high needs living option is designed for individuals requiring continuous, 24-hour care and support. This shared accommodation typically houses 4-6 residents and includes either sleep-in or waking night support, depending on your specific needs. Ideal for individuals recovering from hospital stays, or those who require additional support for anxiety, emotional distress, or challenging behaviors, this option ensures safety and comprehensive care.

Shared Living:

For those who seek independence but are not yet ready to live alone, we offer shared living arrangements. This option allows you to enjoy your own space while also benefiting from the social interaction of living with like-minded individuals. You’ll share communal spaces and split the cost of household bills, all within a supportive, step-down/recovery service model.

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