Health Care First Choice Limited

Domiciliary Care

With domiciliary care from Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, you or your loved one can continue to n the comfort of your own where we will offer personalized support that is entirely tailored to your individual needs and daily routines.

Many families choose our domiciliary care—also known as care at home—because it restores their control over the care they receive. With one-to-one personal attention ranging from as little as 60 minutes a week to multiple daily visits or even overnight support, our care plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. For those who need it, we also offer the option of round-the-clock care with a live-in carer.

Our services are thoughtfully designed to support daily routines with dignity and respect….Here’s how we can assist:

  • – Morning Routine: We offer a cheerful ‘good morning’ start, helping you get up, wash, shower, or bathe, get dressed, and enjoy a hearty breakfast.
  • – Medication Management: We remind you to take your medicine and can handle the collection and return of medication from your pharmacy or GP.
  • – Meal Preparation: We prepare meals with you or for you, ensuring you receive nutritious meals that cater to your dietary needs and preferences, and assist at mealtimes.
  • – Errands and Shopping: Whether it’s collecting your pension or shopping, we can go with you or help you organize your shopping list, ensuring you have everything you need at home.
  • – Housekeeping: We assist with laundry, ironing, and keeping your home clean and tidy, maintaining a pleasant living environment.
  • – Social Engagement: We support you in staying active and connected, whether it’s going out for a walk, attending social gatherings, visiting friends or family, or participating in club or church activities.
  • – Evening Routine: At the end of the day, we help you get ready for bed, ensuring you settle down comfortably for the night.
  • – Pampering: Sometimes, a little pampering is all you need to feel your best, and we’re here to provide that extra touch of comfort when required.
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