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Healthcare 1st Choice is a Cqc registered service providing care services such as domiciliary, supported living, children’s services and complex care plus living care services to children from as young as 0 to adults 18 and over in their own homes. We operate across West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire.

Our Vision

Our Care Objectives and Values at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we understand that we inhabit a diverse world, and our extensive experience as healthcare professionals has taught us the importance of personalized care. We firmly believe that each individual deserves to be cared for according to their unique preferences, down to specific dietary needs that reflect their cultural and religious backgrounds. We are committed to treating our clients as partners in their care journey. We actively involve them and their representatives in designing care packages that truly meet their needs and enhance their quality of life. Our core values of dignity, respect, and patient-centered excellence guide every action we take and decision we make. Our goal is to ensure that every client feels valued, respected, and cared for in a manner that acknowledges their individuality and upholds our high standards of excellence.

Our Aims

At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we are committed to providing experienced care that supports each individual in achieving their optimum state of health and well-being. We hold these key principles at the heart of everything we do: - Respect and Dignity: We treat everyone—those we support, our staff, and service users with the utmost respect and dignity at all times. - Rights and Citizenship: We uphold the human and citizenship rights of everyone involved with our service, recognizing the importance of treating all individuals with fairness and respect. - Support for Independence and Personal Choice: We support the independence of our service users and acknowledge their right to personal decision-making. Individual choices are always respected and encouraged as a fundamental right. - Unique Needs and Privacy: We recognize and honour the individual uniqueness of each person we interact with. We ensure privacy is maintained and handle all personal information with the strictest confidentiality. - Personal Fulfilment and Engagement: We believe in the importance of personal fulfilment for our service users. We offer customized programs of meaningful activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of those we care for, promoting satisfaction and enrichment in their daily lives.

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Our Qualifications at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd

Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd is a certified care provider, registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensuring compliance with the highest standards of healthcare provision. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals, each possessing the requisite skills to offer exceptional support to our clients. To maintain the utmost safety and trust, all team members undergo thorough background screenings and criminal history checks.

Making a Complaint and Giving Compliments at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd

At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we view both complaints and compliments as crucial indicators of our service quality and as opportunities for improvement. We actively encourage our service users to voice their concerns, whether big or small. It is our policy to address anything that disturbs or upsets our clients. Every complaint is taken seriously, recorded meticulously, and followed by corrective action. We believe that this openness to feedback is essential for continuous service improvement and achieving our goal of delivering exceptional care. We welcome your insights as they guide us in refining our services and better meeting your needs.

Staff Profile at Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd

At Healthcare 1st Choice Ltd, we are proud of our dedicated team and their diverse qualifications. A detailed list of current staff members and their qualifications is available upon request. We ensure that the staff members assigned to support you are carefully selected to match their expertise with your specific needs. Our Registered Manager oversees operations for 40 hours each week, focusing on more than just administrative duties to enhance service quality. Each member of our team receives specialized training relevant to their role, such as Food Hygiene, to ensure the highest standards of care and safety. Furthermore, all employees undergo annual training in crucial health and safety topics, including moving and handling, fire safety awareness and procedures, adult protection, and more, to maintain our commitment to a safe and responsive care environment.

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Positive Reviews From Our Customers

Thank you, today I am happy because the hospital says that they have never got a patient that's so clean. Thanks to all the carers.


Well done we so appreciate the company and the carers for doing a wonderful job, I know my mom is hard to deal with but from the very first day, I know in myself that I've picked the right company to look after my mom, we do appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the carers. We will recommend this company over and over again. Thanks


I just want to appreciate Ousman for what he did this morning, he's very observant, if he didn't notice that I was not breathing well this morning, I wouldn't be here today, he is one in a million, and I just want to applaud the management team for acting swiftly.


I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the excellent care service you have provided. After struggling with a previous care provider, your approach and patience have truly made a difference in Sybil's compliance and well-being. Your dedication to providing top-notch care and your compassionate approach have not gone unnoticed. The level of professionalism and attention to detail you have demonstrated has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Your commitment to Sybil's compliance and overall happiness has brought us peace of mind and reassurance. We are truly grateful for the positive impact you have had on Sybil's life and well-being. Your exceptional care service has made a significant difference, and we are thankful for your unwavering support and commitment. Thank you once again for your outstanding care service. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, and the positive influence you have had on Sybil's well-being.

Jacquie Burgwin -Turner

Health Care 1st Choice looks after my aunt, who is terminally ill and lives alone. Before I found them, she had experience of two other companies. Thank goodness for Healthcare 1st Choice. The carers are so kind and thoughtful while looking after my aunt and do so with experience and efficiency. Most importantly, she has the same team of carers on a daily basis. Both my aunt and carers have been able to build a relationship that is necessary to anyone being cared for in their own home. They are completely trustworthy and reliable. In two years of daily care, I have never had any reason to doubt my aunts carers, I also know they will always get to my aunts appointments, whatever the circumstances. Communication between myself and my aunt and Healthcare 1st Choice is excellent. They keep me fully informed of any concerns so I can take any action required immediately, which, for me, is paramount as I am my aunts main relative. I would, and I do wholeheartedly recommend Healthcare 1st Choice to anyone in both my and my aunts position. I am so grateful and relieved that they are part of our daily life.


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