Person centered care and support services

including, but not limited to Support to get up and get dressed, hair, and dental care and shaving Support to undress and assist into bed, Support with all areas of washing and bathing Support with continence care both males and females Support with meal preparation, assist to feed if needed. Support with all types of medication

Practical Care and Support

Services including, but not limited to: Support with light domestic duties such as bed making, changing, hoovering, washing and drying of clothing, and bedding Support with shopping either accompanied or not We are able to collect prescriptions and medication with permission from families


Services including, but not limited to: Support to access the community Support to take to day centers Support to help with bills and letters with families’ permission Support to take to hospitals appointments Support with Leisure activities

Specialist Services

including, but not limited to: Specialist Dementia/Alzheimer’s Services Palliative/End of Life Care Enabling people to become a tenant of their own home Supporting people to manage their own money Supporting people to go to college or gain new qualifications Supporting people to find a job Helping people to gain support from their local community Helping people to keep in touch with family or friends

Other Services

including, but not limited to: Support service users and families dealing with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Palliative care and end of life Support with budgeting Support into the local community Support people to maintain family and friend relationships Support to access local community groups Support to direct to advocacy services Support to access wider community

With access to